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Bikram Yoga Poses Good for Your Health

Bikram Yoga Poses sequencing consists of 26 poses that work on every point parts of the body to get maximum efficiency that can be done in a hot area. Below are 5 poses interesting and a little information from each of her poses.

1. The Awkward pose or Utkatasana:

Is a pose that can aid in aligning the entire skeletal system. This is a great pose to strengthen the legs on the bottom, upper arms and the area around the abdomen. It can also help in overcoming the problem of loss of the spine, arthritis in the ankle, hip or knee. This pose is the third in a sequence of yoga poses. Pose It has an upright stance with arms straight out in front of the shoulder. Hip and knee down to the pelvis about 2 inches above the knee and the direction of the heel.

2. Balancing Stick pose or Tuladandasana:

Is bikram yoga poses and the seventh of one large concentration exercises? This is a standing place rather lean forward with arms raised to the top and legs are parallel to the floor. This exercise has benefits for the heart muscle, increase blood circulation and unclog the arteries and relieve stress from the spinal area. This can be done on both sides of the body.

3. The Tree pose or Tadasana:

Poses that have an attitude like that name, which stands upright like a tree. It is good to reduce strain on the body, adding balance to the spine and release the disease in the lower back area. Encouraging to flex your ankles, hips and knees. It also involves the soles of the feet are pressed into the inner thigh while keeping the hips should be in a state of straight and balancing.

4. Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose or Dandayamana / Bibhaktapada / Paschimotthanasana:

Pose is to merengangkan sciatic nerve and help smooth function of the small intestine into the colon. In the hip bones and joints also benefit from this exercise and flexibility in the leg muscles can also be enhanced. The attitude of this pose is to have a straight back with your knees locked and the pose is rather advanced and bowed to the floor.

5. Bow Pose or Dhanurasana:

Expand the entry of oxygen into the lungs by opening the rib cage and spine you to get good health. By flexing and stretching, improving circulation and many organs of the body that can be trained with this pose, such as liver and kidney. Pose It has an attitude lay in the stomach, grabbed his ankles and lift your knees, chest and chin.

Bikram Yoga Poses of information is a brief overview to help you in performing yoga exercises at home, there are many health benefits to be gained from these yoga exercises. In bikram yoga pose also involves various breathing techniques that can train properly. All yoga poses can be taught in the bikram yoga studio specialized in the entire world under the guidance of trained teachers.

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