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Food Guide Pyramid

You may have heard about the food guide pyramid. In the guide it has six food groups and may even contain also to write down the number of servings you eat, you should take from each food in the group. But guides have you take the time to learn about the food guide pyramid and how you can put it into practice to improve your nutritional intake and protect your overall health? Despite variations in their food intake less different from the food pyramid that you have discovered, the principles of nutrition that they give is all the same. Based on the way in this teaching is the foundation of good nutrition and healthy.

These principles include:

• Eating more grains with vegetables, and fruits
• Limit to eat fatty foods, especially those rich in saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol
• Consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation way
• Limit your intake of sugar and sugar candy are likely a lot.
• Control of a sufficient part of the food you eat, so it can be to reduce overall energy intake

Food guide pyramid into a practical use:

• Finding alternative food: For example, if you do not consume milk because of lactose intolerance, find a replacement the same. Because calcium is the main nutrients found in milk, try replacing the milk with whole grains rich in calcium.

• Choice of food Single: No single food can contain all the nutrients, then it is very important for you to choose different foods within a single food group, so that it can to meet your body’s nutritional needs. Variety can also give your food more interesting.

• Consider your personal preferences and tastes when choosing foods: To create healthy habits, eating the way you keep up your emotion, be sure that you have used the way of the food guide pyramid to keep your personal food and your appetite. For example, one serving of fruit does not mean you take a piece of papaya. This could also you can eat a slice of water melon, grapefruit-sized, banana, mango etc.

• Choose healthy snack foods to you eat: Choose foods that are rich in nutrients (nutrient dense) to snack on you and so does food. For example, you can drink fresh milk or fruit juice is rich in nutrients as opposed to soda which mainly contain lots of sugar.

Note: When practicing weight loss, it is advisable not to have relied more than the size of food from each food group. You can start with a smallest portion sizes before you find the number of servings of foods that are more in the future.


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