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Healthy Italian Food

Quite a few people who love Italian food, and lots of Italian restaurants that have sprung up across the country. However, if you want to find Healthy Italian food, then you probably will think twice before you tell from these foods. While many people who think that Italian food can be healthy food, maybe not with the dishes served at your favorite restaurant.

The problem

As revealed in fettuccine Alfredo? In this Italian food has a lot of saturated fat content of up to three liters of ice cream with full fat. Eggplant Parmigianino is the unhealthy food you eat five fried spring rolls and fried calamari appetizer? These foods contain a lot of cholesterol contained in egg omelet made with four eggs. Healthy Italian food is very difficult to find in the United States and in southern Italy, the diet used in Italian food consists mostly of pasta, bread, vegetables and other healthy foods, and some of the countries have fewer cases of heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Meat and cheese are used sparingly. In the north, the use of meat and cheese with more common, as in the United States as well, and so did the level of heart disease and other diseases that occur in these countries is very low.

• How to Help Pasta:
Pasta can also help you to create a healthy Italian food because these foods have lower amounts of fat contained in food. If you eat most of the pasta, then you will have no problem with 30% of calories come from fat skill level. Of course this assumes that the foods you should avoid cream and cheese sauce, and stick to the tomato sauce as said Alfredo. Even from a good meat sauce mostly for food. So by ordering the order of spaghetti with tomato sauce is much healthier than other alternatives.

• Lack of Vegetables:
Although you can easily to get the dish with low fat Italian food in an Italian restaurant, but to find healthy Italian food will be more difficult than that. So many dishes in Italian foods that contain high sodium. Another concern is the lack of intake of vegetables on Italian food served at Italian restaurants. Many dishes do not have the kind of vegetables in the food, or if they fill that too is a small amount and rub in butter. Salad may be very able to help you.

• Make It Healthy:
Finding a healthy Italian food will be easier if you already know what should you look for. However, keep in mind that the real portion size may be much less than what is already on the serve, at Italian restaurants are eager to present the best in their large platters. By adding a little extra food, such as Parmesan cheese, will affect your total cholesterol number.
So it is less likely you are to get this healthy Italian food, but if you can change it into a healthy shape with the way you combine it with a little vegetable or fruit, maybe it’s food can be healthy food. Now depending on you in making it a healthy food or not.

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